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Please select a question from the list below. If you cannot find the answer that you are looking for please call us on 01772 557635 or submit your question via our Contact Us page


Who is akinika?
Why has akinika contacted me?
Has akinika purchased my debt?
Why won't you speak to me on the telephone unless I have answered identification questions?
Can I pay by instalments?
Can I make a settlement offer?
I've received a letter from you but I don't owe this money.
I've received a letter from you, but the person named does not live at this address, what should I do?
What if there is an unresolved dispute on my account with my creditor, but now akinika are involved?
What happens if I don't want to deal with akinika?
Can I authorise a 3rd party advisor to act on my behalf?
I've asked a money advisor to deal with my debts so what should I do about your correspondence?
What do I do if I am seriously ill or suffering from mental health issues?
If I am not happy with the service that I have received from akinika, what can I do?
How is akinika regulated?